blue tazmanian devil
PR' WCG Blue Tazmanian Devil   (TAZ)

Head Size: 24inches
Weight: 95 pounds
Reg: UKC(purple ribbon)
Color: Blue/white markings
Lines:100% Gottiline. Direct Black Ace Son, 3xJuan Gotty,1xMonsterjojola,1xBlue Rhino.

Description ....Taz is all muscle and as bully as ever. This boy is massive and produces nothing but extremely muscular bully style puppies with huge heads wide chests and amazing temperments. This boy has it all and has shown just that by producing Poc/Rayn when he was 1 years old.


At this time all of our bully blue pitt bull studs are juan gotty, gottiline, razors edge and gaff. Our Super blue american pitbull terrier stud "wcg"blue tazmanian devil is all gottiline. Our bully blue pit bull stud apocolyple is 75% gotty or gotti and razors edge. Our upcoming blue nose pit bull stud don juan is a direct juan gotty or gotti son with a little gaff on his mothers bottom half.  Our blue american pitbull terrier studs are unmatched and taz is now in his prime. We carefully selected all of our blue nose pitbull studs from the top breeders of gotti and razors edge blood. We were looking for the perfect and correct bully pitbull future studs with parents and grand parents who were super producers of large and consistantly top quality bully litters. At this time our blue nose pit bull kennel have had much success with our pittbull breeding program, but we always strive to improve. Our blue razors edge and gotty pitt bull studs are excellent producers of low, wide, muscular and intelligent blue nose pittbull puppies with huge heads and drive. The puppies that our blue nose pittbull studs produce also have excellent temperments. You can look at our blue pit bull studs and see that they are some of the best bully style american pittbull terrier studs in the world. Blue fire pits is located in upstate new york so providing our services to manhattan ny/manhattan new york, brooklyn ny/brooklyn new york, queens new york/queens ny,long island new york/long island ny and staten island new york/staten island ny is very simple for us. We ship chilled semen to all states and canada for no additional costs. All you pay is the listed stud fee of the blue pitbull you choose. Blue Fire Pits Provides this service to approved females only. Our studs are absolutely the best in the bully pit bull world at this time and you can add their style muscle and looks to your breeding program at a reasonable price. So if you are looking for Gotty pibull puppies in new york, Razors edge pitbulls in ny or the absolute best blue pitbull studs in the world you are in the right place.






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