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     If you are looking for top of the line Gottiline and Razors edge american bully pitbull puppies that stop traffic and captures the attention of all onlookers then you are definately in the right place. The Blue Fire Pits Team have searched high and low as well as paired some of the best Razors Edge and Gottiline studs on the planet to provide
our customers with the ultimate family companion with an amazing gene pool that is very desireable to most blue pitbull breeders across the world.

     We have been breeding blue pitbulls since 2004 with very much success and pride ourselves in sharing the fruits of our labor with you, our valued clients and friends. 

Here is a test for all possible interested buyers. Take a look at our American bully style blue pitbull adults as well as our pitbull puppies and compare them to our "competition". Not only will you be able to see that our american bullies are superior when it comes to muscle, bone structure and price on most occasions but all of american bullies are highly intelligent and healthy. At Blue Fire Pits we don't just talk the talk but we provide a 2 year health guarantee with each blue pit bull puppy purchased.

     Not only are our blue pitbull puppies superior to most others but we are also experts is rapidly and safely shipping you your  puppy throughout the United States Of America and Canada! We have a very long list of satisfied customers in the states as well as Calgary Canada,  Alberta Canada, Vancouver Canada, Toronto and more Canadian provinces.

     We operate our blue pitbull breeding program out of Upstate,Ny but distance is no longer and issue. As I previously stated "Having your blue pit bull puppy shipped world wide is a very simple task for us" so ditance is not an issue.

     Take your time to take a look around and enjoy our website that we constructed for you. If you see anything you like establishing contact  with us is extremely simple, Thank you for your time.

All responsible potential clients are welcome to contace us at:



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3 Mr. Miagi and Plex-A-Million grandsired puppies available for sale! Please check the puppies page for further details.

We have 4 blue blue pitbull puppies available for a great price! Please check the puppies page for further information.

All of our american bullies temperments are kid tested and family approved!
aniah blue pitbull puppies

***Special*** If you are located in Elmira,ny Binghamton ny, Ithaca ny or New york city or any location within a reasonable distance our drivers are willing to work with you on the shipping cost of your blue pitbull puppy!
***Other Bargains***If you are interested in a vitamin supplement to build muscle and save on vet bill by improving the overall health of your american bully pit bull we sell Nu-vet plus at a great price. Please inquire or check out our payments page for further details      


blue tazmanian devil

blue razors edge female 

The Blue Tazmanian Devil and Worldclass Blue Sonja is where it all began for Blue Fire Pits. As you can see we started out with the best Gottiline and Razors Edge blood that California and Georgia has to offer. Not only is sonja an amazing looking bully but she has drive unlike any other blue pitbull that I have ever come across. I truly appreciate what this she-male american bully has done for my breeding program. West Coast Gottilines' Blue Tazmanian devil is always up for whatever task is asked of him. I love Taz because he has a very layed back temperment most of the time. The muscle, Headsize and Girth that this super blue pitbull stud has added to my program is much appreciated.

Blue Pitbull Puppies For Sale
When I first decided to breed blue pitbulls/american bullies I chose to be patient and do my research before i purchased one. I called and asked questions to all of the blue pitbull breeders that had stock that I was interested in. I was sure to ask about the Dam of the litter as well as the stud used. It was very important to me that the lines that these american bullies stemmed from were healthy, athletic, very muscular and intelligent. Aside from those things I wanted to know how well of a producer the parents were etc..... I made sure that distance would not be an issue, therefore I had a choice of the absolute best american bullies on the planet. Based on my experience in the purchase of my bullies I made it as professional and comfortable as possible to all of my customers. One thing that I offeraside from the quality of blue pitbull puppies that I produce is a 2 year health guarantee. This protects myself and the buyer. All puppies come with UKC registration papers proof of all vaccinations and can be shipped very easily throughout the United States and Canada. During the entire process I remain available for all questions via phone,email or text messages. I inform my clients of every detail for their comfort.I have built a great reputation as one of the top blue pitbull breeders around. Needless to say that a great deal of my customers are repeats. Payments are made very easily as well because I accept all major credit cards, money orders and of course cash. A receipt will immediately provided for all transactions. Take a look around and if you see any blue pitbull puppies for sale feel free to contact me.

Blue Pitbull Breeders:
As one of the top blue pitbull breeders Blue Fire Pits take pride in working with other top american bully breeders to keep out bloodlines fresh and superior. Our breeding have a purpose which is to keep from each litter for constant improvement in our bullies. I don't believe th at any dog is perfect but if you notice the faults and make it your personal goal to correct them with each breeding, there is only room for improvement. Any stud that I present to the public will be top of the line in all ways. I also give the Dams of my litters a huge deal of credit because they contribute half if not more to each breeding. With that being said we strive to produce quality. When clients purchase a puppy and tell me that they enjoy being stopped in public all of the time because of the overall beauty of their american bully a feeling of accomplishment comes over me. As a breeder of american bullies I am here to tell you that my job is never an easy one. I love what I do and have made many sacrifices to provide the entire world with the quality of bullies that I have for sale. So If you were to ask me if it's worth it, I would say yes in a heartbeat. 

Gottiline and Razors Edge Blood
Up to this point in my breeding program the bloodlines that work best for me is Either Gottiline, Razors Edge or a combination of the two. Gottiline blue pitbulls or american bullies originated on the west coast and is the blood of choice for me when I want to add girth, thicker bone, larger heads and mass to my blue pitbull program. I prefer the overall style of Gottiline blue pitbulls for my program over any other for these reasons. In my personal experience with the Razors Edge bloodlines I have noticed that it produces american bully pitbulls that are beautiful with drive, muscle definition, beautiful head shapes and movement unlike any other line. Razors edge originated on the east coast and has come a very long way. I am not opposed to working with other american bully bloodlines ( and there are lot throughout the world) but in my opion these are the two best american bully pitbull bloodlines in existence. With that being said I have invested large amounts of time and money in my blue pitbull program to bring you some of the best blue pitbull puppies available.

American bullies, Bluenose pitbulls, American Pitbull Terriers or Blue Pitbull
I want to touch on this topic because there has been a lot of debate the difference between these labels/titles. For starters when people refer to a bluenose pit, blue nose pitbull or any variation of these it is viewed by reputable blue pitbull breeders as a slang term in most cases. The color of a dogs nose does not determine the style and color puppies it will produce. American Pitbull Terriers can come in all colors and is where American Bullies or Blue pitbulls received their foundation from. Although American pitbull terriers was developed through a mixture of several breeds it is not the same as an American bully or blue pitbull. There has been a huge turmoil between American Bully breeders and American Pitbull Terrier breeders because of these differences. American Pitbull Terriers are working dogs with a lean and muscular frame that posess an immense amount of drive. American Bullies stemmed from the mixture of American Pitbull Terriers mixed with English Bulldogs, Staffordshire Terriers and more in some cases. Some American Bullies Posess drive but not most of them. In my program I make sure that my American Bullies and American Bully puppies are very health with the ability to work or play hard. The Structure of the American Bully is generally packed with huge bulky muscle, large blocky heads and thick bones (depending on how they are bred). They come in a very large variety of heights and colors. The heights of American Bullies are pockets, standard and xxl. The color that I am aware of are blue, grey, blue fawn, blue brindle, black, white and an assortment of tri-colors. The problem that American Bullies face is that there are breeders who constantly reintroduce other breeds of dogs in their program to exxagerate desired features. When people do this they also bring along a slew of health problems that the other breeds carry. I don't personally practice this technique but to each its own.

Shipping process of our blue pitbull puppies for sale
Upon your request we provide shipping for all of our blue pitbull puppies for sale throughout the United States and Canada. The cost ranges between $375-$500 depending on you location. If your blue pitbull puppy is being transported by car you will be quoted a price before shipping. If we are shipping to other states we use either American Airline, United Airways, or Delta. Once the deposit is paid for your blue pitbull puppy we request your desired location of puppy arrival, contact the airline and give you pickup locations nearest you. Once a location is selected by the customer we require the full name, adress and telephone number of the person picking the puppy up from the airport.  The next step is us booking the flight, contactin the individual picking the puppy up and giving them the booking number of the flight as well as all other necessary information pertaining to the flight. At this time the remainder of the balance is due in full. The party picking the puppy up will need to arrive with  valid state identification and the puppy will be turned over to their care. Blue Fire Pits is highly effiecient and rapid with the entire process and in most cases you will have you beautiful new blue pitbull puppy in your hands within 2 days! Most other blue pitbull breeders take up to two weeks or more. Your puppy will arrive with a health certificate from a veterinarian, proof of all vaccinations, UKC papers, a 2 year health guarantee and a new dog kennel. I remain in constant contact throughout the process. Receiving your blue pitbull puppy anywhere in the world is as simple as that. 

Earcropping for your American Bully
Earcropping is available for your american bully for an additional cost of $350 by a licensed professional. The process is very rapid, safe and humane. If you are recieving your American Bully by air we will not ship your puppy until the ears are healed. The healing process generally takes about one week. If you are receiving you American bully by car you can receive them once the procedure is done. We will provide instructions onhow to care for your American Bully until the ears are fully healed.
Phone Support
Blue Fire Pits is always glad to answer questions for existing and potential customers. We have a vast knowledge about blue pitbulls. We have worked very closely with our veterinarians and breed specialists for years. We have gained a great deal of insight on how to care for your blue pitbull puppy and to provide phone assistance in emergency situations. We are not veterinarians but if your dilemna can be remedied at home theres a huge possibility that we will be able to assist you. However if we are not we will advise that you contact your local veterinarian. We will never put a blue pitbull health at risk based on an assumption.

I hope that we were able to provide some insight into Blue Fire Pits
Thank you for reading and enjoy our website!



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